Susan and I share a love for our cats and a common approach to breeding and treating our cat family.  We believe that our cats are our responsibility and we treat them as we would our children.  We feel that we are responsible to insure that the cats we produce in our home are


Have excellent dispositions

Compliance to standards for type

Get lots of love and attention

Are placed in loving, caring homes

To this end we follow a rigid program of breeding selection and health care. 


We test for

hip dysplasia


Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

We test all incoming animals for FIV/Felv to keep the cattery free of the possibility of introducing this into our stock.

We select our breeding pairs based upon the best knowledge of genetics and health available to us.  Both Susan and I have studied genetics, as applicable to the cats, and have attended numerous seminars on cat genetics and diseases.  We understand and apply the knowledge of dominant and recessive characteristics when selecting matings.


We are very fortunate to live less than two miles from the Michigan State University campus, which is  home for one of the finest veterinarian schools and clinics in the country. These facilities include an excellent staff of research professionals which we have used when we encounter unique new anomalies.  The discovery of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) in Maine Coon breeding stock is a good example of our commitment to the health of our animals.   We worked with Dr. John Fyfe at MSU in developing a DNA test that allows breeders a way to isolate and cull out carriers of the disease.

One way we believe to insure proper attention to health issues is to neuter and spay all of our kittens that are placed in new homes.


We feel that both the genetics of the parents as well as the environmental handling of kittens dictate temperament.  We  select our breeding stock to produce loving dispositions.  Both Susan and I, being retired, have an excellent chance to handle and develop great "people oriented" kittens and cats.  Of course the Maine Coon is noted for being a loving and attentive breed.


Compliance with Breed Standard

Being a judge and actively exhibiting in TICA cat shows, we are always striving to improve our stock in order to produce kittens that not only comply with the written standard for the breed but exemplify the breed conformance.


Love and attention

As mentioned above Susan and I both feel that the temperament that our cats have is a direct result of giving them a loving and caring home-like-setting in which to grow and live.  Our cats and kittens are in our  home.  They are with us all day long and many, all night long   -- especially young kittens.  We plan each day to handle the kittens and they learn that love is part of the world where they live.  We encourage prospective adoptive parents to visit our cattery and see the mother and father and often siblings prior to them taking them to their new homes.  Once the decision has been made to adopt one of our kittens we encourage the new parents to visit the kittens as they grow up as we will not allow kittens to leave until they are a minimum of 12 weeks of age.  By that time, they are developing their own personalities and they can be neutered or spayed and they have their first set of shots.


Adoptive homes

If you want to adopt one of our kittens you can expect to spend some time with us to insure to Susan's and my satisfaction that you are RIGHT for a home for one of our kittens.  Love, attention to health details and providing an environment conducive to retaining the temperament that we have started them off with are a major consideration in our minds.  You are adopting a new part of your family.  We have numerous homes which have come back to us to add an additional member to the family.

So this is how Susan and I are, and, how we think about our feline family.  We take great pride in a family that brings us one of our kittens back to see us. We are so happy when it is obvious that the kitten has a warm and loving home.